Starting Fresh

I have decided to start fresh with my curls. After using DevaCurl for about a year, my curls were resorting to looking like they did before I started using it. I have only known about the curly girl method for about 6 months. Deva curl products didn’t work for me right away, but when I finally could afford it, I bought jumbo sizes of the whole line for my 3a/3b curls. After that the products were working great, I was following tutorials, and bought a Conair Infinity Pro hair dryer, and a universal DevaFuser, and DAMN did my hair look great! They were looking more 3b than 3a, which is exactly what I wanted.

But around December, a month after I started using the hair dryer and applying heat, (this is important for later) my curls started to look like they did before I started using DevaCurl. I call my perfect spirals, DNA strands. undefined It started looking like it always did, only a few spirals, some curls, and some waves. Like many women with curly hair, my hair before the curly girl method had a mind of its own. There is an issue with DevaCurl affecting hair types, when heat is applied. According to what I have looked up, there is a component of formaldehyde in it, and when heat is applied, it can straighten hair. I should point out that heat is not good for curls in the first place, I wasn’t using a hot setting. I use my hair dryer with the cool button and the ionizer on, but I still get some warmth when using it. Many other women have lost their curls completely, their hair falls out, and they have chronic migraines, and dry scalps.

I stopped using DevaCurl about a month ago. I couldn’t afford it for one, but I didn’t like what my curls were looking like. I started using Suave Natural Hair Care line, and went back to using Marc Anthony Strictly Curls defining lotion and, and curl cream. So far my hair is looking ok. It doesn’t feel dry, and on wash day it has a nice shine, day 2 hair though, not so much. I am still having some issues with my hair looking straight on my crown. It doesn’t help that I haven’t had a hair cut in around 2 years, it needs a treatment, and the color is faded too (but after doing my color on my own, I decided I will stick to professionals from now on).

My plan once quarantine is over, is to go get a DevaCut at a salon in Grand Blanc, and try using the Not Your Mothers hair care line for curly hair. Hopefully after my hair gets the treatment it so desperately needs, the curls will start looking like they used to.

I will keep everyone posted, I plan on starting a YouTube page, an instagram and a TikTok for my blog and curly girl routine and updates. I will post all of that soon, but this site and blog are still in the early stages so it will come in due time.

Thanks for stopping by!

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